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Madeleine Grant, MIACP, MSC, RGN, Accredited Play/Creative Arts Therapist and Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Certificate in Environmental Art Therapy.

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I am an Accredited Play Therapist & Environmental Art Therapist with additional Sand, Art and Bereavement training. I work with both adults and children on a one-to-one basis. I work therapeutically from a Rogerian, Jungian and Existential perspective. I believe that each person has the tools within themselves to heal.

I adhere to the core conditions of being present, empathic, non-judgemental and congruent.
My main therapeutic space in Rathdrum, Co.Wicklow is in a woodland setting which brings an immediate connection with nature. I also see clients in a shared private practice space in Rathfarnham, Dublin. I incorporate a wide range of Creative Arts and Nature in my work with clients.

What is Play Therapy?

Sometimes children experience difficulties which in turn cause them to behave in ways that may cause disruption to their lives or be of concern to those around them. Just as adults may ‘talk out’ difficult issues Play Therapy provides a child with the space to "play out" their thoughts and feelings. The therapeutic relationship between the child and the therapist and the safe space this provides plays a vital role in enabling children to resolve their difficulties and to reach their potential. Play therapy may be non-directive (where the child decides what to do in a session, within safe boundaries) or directive (where the therapist leads the way) or a mixture of the two. It is particularly effective with children who cannot, or do not want to talk about their problems. Play Therapy is suitable for children aged from 3 years of age and there is no one too old who will not benefit from the creative arts!

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What is Creative Arts Therapy?

The creative arts allow for the expression of inner experiences that are beyond words. Our external narrative is often the starting point of a story – what happened, when and how.

The internal narrative is concerned with the impact these events have had on us. Research suggests that therapeutic communication can be made easier when using symbols or images rather than just the spoken word. The use of creative art materials can give us an opportunity to reflect upon memories, hopes, fears, anxieties and angers without tackling these emotional states head on.

What is Environmental Arts Therapy?

Environmental Art Therapy is when we bring our therapy sessions out into nature. Nature has a way of giving us what we need at any given time.

Being out in its wildness and its absolute beauty reminds us of how insignificant we are in the greater scheme of things and what seems like an insurmountable obstacle is actually manageable if seen from another perspective.

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